How to Prepare Your Car for Australian Road Trip

How to Prepare Your Car for Australian Road Trip

Before you begin your Australian itinerary, get yourself ready for the adventures that lie ahead. This preparation includes packing the right luggage, knowing the routes, keeping your license in access, and, of course, preparing your vehicle. And yes, you can drive in Australia as a foreigner with your Canadian driving license. You may need to convert it to an Australian license after three months of stay.
Australian road trips become more enjoyable when you use your car to navigate. But if you don’t want to buy a car for a single tour, you can also choose to rent a car. The best thing with these rental cars is that the vendor will send the vehicle to you prepared for the trip.
You may not get many customization options with it. So, you would go with buying a car in Australia and preparing it for the trip yourself. If that’s you, never buy a car without getting VIN check report for the same. here is the checklist of preparation you need in your car to make it trip-worthy in Australia.

Check the Tires

You want the tread to be wide enough to create reasonable traction on the road. Aging tires may skid or they may take longer to stop when you have applied brakes. You may not notice this issue if you are driving in the city because of the slow speed you maintain for your car. But this problem can lead to serious accidents in the countryside because of the fast speed cars maintain there.

Check the Car’s Fluids

You don’t want to set on a journey with insufficient fluids it will put unreasonable pressure on the engine’s moving parts. This will cause excessive friction that may result in overheating or engine breakdown.

Pack Mindfully

You may decide to bring your camping gear with you on an Australian road trip. Or you may choose to buy as you go on the trip with only your necessary clothes, snacks, and necessities packed in the car. Either way, you need to ensure that you are packing your luggage in the car the right way.
Don’t overload the car. Be conscious of what goes on the top of the car. You don’t want to dump heavy luggage on top because doing this presents a serious rollover hazard. Instead, place them in the boot. Tie heavier objects so they don’t move around when you apply brakes.
Try to keep your luggage to a minimum as heavier loads will influence fuel efficiency and will make car control unpredictable and demanding.

Check the Battery

The engine should be firing up quickly when you start it without clicking or grinding sounds. If you witness that the engine is taking too long to respond or your headlights dim when the car idles, you are dealing with a weak battery.
You wouldn’t want to head out with this battery in your car as it can diminish the engine’s and alternator’s life. A weak battery also presents a higher risk of your car stalling in the middle of the road. You can mitigate these risks by replacing your car’s battery to prepare for the journey.

Take Away

This post discusses some key points of preparing your car for a road trip. Other than these, you should also check the lights and indicators as well as the wiping capacity of your car’s wipers. 

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How to Prepare Your Car for Australian Road Trip

How to Prepare Your Car for Australian Road Trip

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