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G1 Test Canada

Driving Test Canada
  • G1 practice test questions updated for 2021
  • Hundreds for questions just like the real thing
  • Ideal platform for new test-takers and resits
  • Faster study process so you can pass your G1
  • More questions and specialized challenge bank

Providing quality practice tests to help Ontarians pass their G1 test

We are the perfect option for new drivers in Ontario. Offering a wide range of test resources plus a test bank of hundreds of questions, you’ll have more options at your fingertips to help you pass. We are proud to offer our test takers the different tools and techniques to help them prepare for and pass their G1 test.

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The faster, more effective way to prepare for the G1 written test.


Get the Driver’s Handbook

Download the most recent version of the Ontario Driver’s Handbook so you can review the material and topics you need to learn for the G1 test.


Take the Tests & Quizzes

The practice test questions and mock exam simulator get you studying the hundreds of test questions in our database in prep for the real test.

Sit & Pass the G1 Test

When you can comfortably pass the many mock exams and answer the questions correctly, then you can go ahead and book your G1 written test.

The G1 driving test practice that will help you ace your G1 test

The Ontario G1 knowledge test takes a lot of prep to get right for test day. Our test prep quizzes help you prepare as best as possible to increase your chances of passing the test. That’s why our online G1 practice test is a valuable resource for persons in Ontario seeking to get their G1 permit. We provide free G1 test questions online and mock tests. As a new driver, you can familiarize yourself with the structure of the actual test AND see the type of questions you will get on the day.

Prepare for the G1 the efficient way

We make it easier to keep track of the information you’re studying, your progress, and which questions or sections pose a challenge.

Be fully prepared for the test

There’s studying and then there is test prep the right way. We help you get fully prepared for learning the content and retaining the information.

Get Confident for Test Day

With immediate feedback on each test question and helpful hints along the way, it’s a quicker and more effective way to study than cramming the handbook.

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Let’s Take the Guesswork out of your G1 Study Prep

Test questions just like the real thing

Accurate questions with information specific to Ontario and structured just like the actual written test. You won’t be caught by surprise.

More effective than the MTO manual

Test takers find that our practice site is much more effective than studying the Driver’s Guide alone. It gives them an edge in their test.

Better Pass Results

Persons who use online practice tests have a higher chance of passing on their first time than those who choose to use the handbook only.

Practice Test Canada

is making it easier for you to pass the G1 test

  • We provide additional resources that you cannot get flipping through pages of boring content that you need to know in the MTO handbook.
  • You can take the practice tests as often as you like. And each mock test refreshes with a new set of questions. You will get through more test material than the few samples provided in the handbook.
  • You’ll cover all the topics in the handbook so you can get ready to tackle any question thrown at you in the real test.
  • You’ll learn and apply your knowledge instead of trying to cram and setting yourself up for failure.

Choose Your G1 Practice Test Type

Select the types of test questions you want to start studying.

Our G1 Test Practice Platform is Among the Best

Persons choose us because of our database, mock exams and how easy the platform is to use.

A Large Database

Our free test options give you access to a large number of questions and resources to help you prepare to pass.

No Registration Required

If you want to stick with our free plan, you won’t need to register or log in to start practicing the available G1 questions.

G1-Type Questions

They are designed to reflect the real test questions and mock test simulations. They are updated along with the Handbook.

The Faster Way to Prepare for your G1

Study Faster

Using online practice tests to prepare for your G1 allows you to move at a faster pace. Unlike reading the Handbook, you can quickly learn the information and test your knowledge at the same time with real-time answers as you go.

Learn from your mistakes

Each question gives a detailed explanation of the correct answer so you can understand how the answer applies to the situation. This aids better retention and knowledge application for the real test.

Build a challenge bank

Retest complicated questions at will as we automatically store your missed questions. You can then revisit them as often as you like until you’re satisfied you can answer them correctly.

Get Ready to Become a G1 Genius

More Benefits than the Handbook Only (and other online sources too)

You’ll only find 8 sample test questions in the official Ontario Ministry of Transportation Driver's Handbook. That will not allow you to prepare effectively for the permit written test. To help you get ready for the test, we have created a platform that offers:

  • Hundreds of multiple-choice test questions with detailed explanations of the answers
  • Multiple practice tests, each with different questions to test all areas required for the written test
  • A test simulator so you can sit an exam that’s just like the real thing

We’re making it easy for you to pass your G1 test and get on the road to driving freedom.

Try our test challenge bank

Like a challenge while having fun? Test your knowledge and preparedness against the hard questions you didn’t answer right. We’ll automatically store the more difficult questions and you can try and tackle them to see if you’re improved.

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Proven to increase G1 test pass rates

With the Practice Test Canada platform, you’ll be practicing in the same way that you’ll be tested. This helps you improve your focus and ability to understand and answer the questions, so you’ll be closer to getting your Ontario Driver’s Licence.

With our website experience, the real test will feel familiar, and you’ll be more assured and confident in answering the questions posed on the test.

Our questions and mock test cover all areas of the MTO Ontario handbook and the topics you need to know to pass the G1 written test. Additional bonus content includes the challenge bank to make studying fun.

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Breezing through the G1 study process

Study on the go

Accessible online on your smartphone, laptop, and tablets, you can practice your test questions whenever, wherever.

Know what to expect

Worried about what to expect on the real test? Our mock tests are structured just like the real G1 test, so you know exactly what to expect on the day.

Enjoy the process

We make it easier to study and retain the boring stuff. We encourage you throughout the study sessions and help you stay motivated to work through the material.

Get Ready to Pass your G1 Test

Choose How You Study

Study by one of the 22 topics to be tested on, check a specific knowledge area, or choose random for a bit of fun.

Take a Challenge

Let’s make it a contest and see how many of the difficult questions you can get right from your challenge bank.

Use the Mock Exams

Track how prepared you are by engaging with the mock exams. The questions are always different for each mock test.

What’s it worth to you to pass your G1 permit test on the first try?

Pass the time wisely and study where you are guaranteed results. Our premier test platform gives you additional tools, resources, and questions to make studying a breeze, and skyrocketing your chances of passing your G1 test.

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Pass your official G1 driving test with Practice Test Canada.

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