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600+ Driver's Handbook Questions

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We Make Passing your SAAQ Driving Test Fun & Easy

It’s not only about passing the SAAQ driving test, though that is our goal. We’re here to help you develop a better understanding of the Quebec rules of the road with fun, educational, and effective Quebec driving practice tests.

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The efficient way to study for your SAAQ driving test

We understand how important it is to pass this first phase of your Quebec driving test and how critical the knowledge test is on your road to securing a licence under the Quebec Graduated Driver’s Licence (GDL) program.

The Practice Test Canada SAAQ driving tests are free to use and you can try them out whenever, wherever, and as often as you wish. These free practice tests are designed to get you quickly up to speed on the contents of the Quebec driver’s handbook and the test. Once you keep practising until you’re absolutely comfortable with all the Quebec road signs and road rules, then you’re ready to take the test.

So, keep practising until you can consistently pass the practice SAAQ knowledge tests, and you’ll know that you’re ready for the real thing.

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The best way to study for the Quebec Knowledge Test

Read the Quebec Driver’s Handbook

The Quebec Driver’s Handbook outlines the road rules and signs that you need to learn for the test. You can order it online and start reviewing the necessary information they require for the test.

Use the Online Practice Tests

The practice tests are designed to work alongside the handbook in helping you as a new driver to learn the information quicker so you can pass the official SAAQ written test. Try as many as you’d like.

Monitor Your Test Prep Progress

Check your test readiness by using the mock exams that are designed to be just like the real thing, and work through the challenge bank. The more you practice, the better your chances of passing the test.

Practice Test Canada has exam prep questions, quizzes, & resources to help you pass the knowledge test

Become an expert in the Quebec road rules and road signs. Our practice test platform is designed to improve your chances of passing. Many Quebecers find our platform as the advantage to get them ready to sit and pass the driver’s test. So, as a new driver or someone moving to Quebec and entering the GDL, here are a few reasons why our site makes a difference.

You know what to expect on test day

With test questions and mock tests that are just like the real thing, you know exactly what to expect on the actual test. You won’t be surprised by the question format or the types of questions asked.

It’s easy to monitor your progress

Study by topic or by taking multiple sample tests. The challenge bank tracks your more difficult questions so you can go back and revise where you need to study further.

You have Quebec-specific test questions

Like all Canadian provinces, Quebec will have unique road rules which are not applicable to another province. So, we make sure you’re reviewing test questions and answers that are related to the province you need to pass the test for.

Practice Test Canada is a great companion to the Quebec Drivers Handbook

It boosts your confidence

Our Quebec learners driving test questions and answer format have been made to look and feel just like the real thing. Formatted as multiple-choice questions with 4 possible answers, you know exactly what to study and how to interpret the questions, boosting your confidence.

The test study process is fun

The process is fun and engaging to make it easier to go through the many rules and requirements of driving on the road. It’s a lot to learn and we make the process simpler and entertaining.

You get ready the right way

Studying the handbook alone can be quite boring and ineffective. Studies show that using practice tests that are like the real thing boosts test pass rates. So, get ready to pass on your first written test if you prepare properly with us.

Practice now to pass the SAAQ driving Exam

1. Eliminate the monotony of flipping through dense pages of information to study and use our online saaq practice test instead

2. Studies show you study faster and retain more information using practice tests. With our practice tests online for the examen pratique saaq, you have a database of hundreds of questions to help you study.

3. Our online platform ensures you get questions tailored for the Quebec knowledge test, so you get in the right saaq knowledge practice

4. Study at your own pace with our saaq practice tests and be prepared for the Quebec knowledge test and for driving on the roads.

Strategies to Pass the Learner’s Permit Test

Try the SAAQ Theory Exam 2024 for Free

Get ready for your Class 5 driver’s licence knowledge test. Try our free saaq knowledge tests for automobiles and saaq motorcycle tests.

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Get Ready with 2024 QC Class 5 SAAQ Practice Test

Using Practice test Canada can help you prepare to pass your Quebec SAAQ Driver Knowledge test.

Large Question Database

With hundreds of questions at your fingertips, you have more options for studying the wide range of topics you could be tested on in the Quebec SAAQ knowledge test.

Registration Not Required

You can use our question and answer platform without signing up. But signing up comes with perks like our challenge bank to track and store your difficult questions.

Just like the actual test

Studying in an environment that’s like the real thing increases our odds of passing a test. Our questions and mock exams are just like the real test, so you know what to expect.

Let’s ace the SAAQ driving theory test

See how Practice Test Canada will help you study better to ace your driver knowledge test

Instant feedback on questions

Get instant feedback, explanations, and answers to each question so you learn and practice at the same time.

Tracking your progress

Keep on top of the topics you’ve covered, what needs to be reviewed and where you’re falling short with your dashboard access when you sign up.

Showing your weak areas

The challenge bank keeps track of your weak areas so that you know what you need to focus on in studying.

Free Practice Tests

Getting you ready to pass the SAAQ driving test

To pass the Quebec driving exam SAAQ so you can get your Class 5 driver’s licence from the AQTr, Association québécoise des transports, you need to pass the knowledge test SAAQ.

This means knowing and being able to respond to questions on the traffic signals, road signs, and highway safety code. To do this, you’ll need an online practice test resource to help you study. We provide:

1. A database with hundreds of test questions and answers that are like the actual test

2. Mock exams and test simulators to get you practicing on a computer like what happens in the real test

3. 24/7 accessibility so you have the flexibility to study at your own pace, whenever and wherever you want to

Let’s get you one step closer to your provisional licence with the practice tests questions and answer platform loved by Québécois.

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It’s all about increasing your odds of passing the knowledge test SAAQ

With a high failure rate, you need all the help you can get to ensure you can pass the written test on the first try. Save time and money and prepare the right way to pass on your first attempt.

Test Your Driver Knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions


Quebec follows a Graduated Driver’s Licensing scheme to allow new drivers time to learn the rules of the road and to drive under varying conditions.

The knowledge test is a multiple-choice section of the process to gain the Class 5 Learners’ Licence. The full process has 4 modules with each module having a required in-class component.

You must be at least 16 years of age to apply for a licence.

How to prepare for the SAAQ knowledge test

There are 4 recommended publications from the Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec to support your reparation process for the driver knowledge test. These are the:

  • Driver’s Handbook
  • Driving a Passenger Vehicle
  • Road Access Binder
  • Prospective Passenger Vehicle Driver (PDF, 732 KB)

You can order them online here. The Road Access Binder is available in recognized Quebec driving schools.

In addition to the online material, you’ll also need to get in some practice tests. Those you can do here at Practice Test Canada.

That will be a bit difficult. Without the practice tests, you will enter unprepared and not know what to expect. The practice tests also allow you to understand what you do and don’t know and identify areas to focus on.

Persons who use a study platform tend to have a higher pass rate than those who do not.

Signs tests are classified into three types: regulatory, warning, and guide signs. The majority of signs in each category have a distinct shape and color. In our theory exam saaq test, you can improve your knowledge of traffic sings, as well as identify areas to focus on.

Pass your Quebec SAAQ driving test with Practice Test Canada.

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