Top 8 Mistakes Drivers Do Which Make Them Fail The Driving Test

Are you having a driver's test in the coming days? You must be scared, not knowing that you will get through it or not. But, one thing is sure: You will learn something new!

If you are a nervous driver, you need to work double and harder on controlling your nerves better otherwise, driving has no place of self-doubt. Driving is all about confidence, observation, quick response, and the ability to handle the panicking situation in the best way possible. The best tip we can give you is to practice diligently. Stay behind the wheels, as much as possible because trust me, it will not only boost your confidence but you will be surprisingly learning a new thing every time.

You have studied. You have practiced. You have put in the hard work. You’ve got this! Just, stay focused and be not distracted, keep your cell phone and stereo off. Keep the safe distance from the vehicle ahead and keep going at your pace. For last-minute guidance on what to know for the driving test, we are highlighting the most frequently practiced driving mistakes. 

Unduly Slow Driving & Using Hard Brakes

Always remember, you don’t have to be only cautious about the over-speeding but also under-speeding during the driving test. If you are driving extremely slowly, it shows your lacking confidence and self-trust. Driving below the minimum speed limit is not admirable in fact it can be a safety hazard. On the contrary, if you are cruising at a high speed or slow speed but keep on braking with unnecessary high force, it’s a fail! Hard braking is only allowed in the case of an emergency. Besides, braking hard will only give you a jerky stop which is highly unprofessional. So, be observant and alert, and anticipate the Be time you would be needing to make your car stop at a safe distance.

Braking and speeding, both explain how much better you can control the steering. If you fail in any of these, it means you don’t have the full command of your vehicle. 

Not Using Mirrors  

It is one of the most common driving test mistakes. Not checking the mirror regularly means either you are overconfident or you are highly careless. Always use side and rear-view mirrors while taking a turn or changing lanes, and at junctions. Besides, without checking a blind spot how can you guarantee the safety of yourself and other road users.

Missing Out on Vehicle’s Signals & Traffic Signs  

The first rule that will take you to the success of the driving test is “obey all the traffic rules, driving laws, signboards and always give signals/indicators before moving or pulling”. If you are forgetting to give signals either because of your anxiety or considering them insignificant, you are in big trouble!

Signals are a foundation of safe driving means significant to pass the test. Crossing the red light or not driving on the green light, no indicators at the intersection or four-way stops an absolute mistake.

Rolling Stops

People think rolling stops will reflect your extra diligence and carefulness but, in reality, it is considered a big driving fault. You need to always stop behind the ending line always, whether it is a stop sign or a red light. You are not allowed to make a rolling stop while taking a right turn at an intersection, either.

Not Yielding To Pedestrians 

Drivers think, crossing immediately after or before the pedestrians is acceptable but, in truth, they have the right of way by all means, and you are commanded to yield. While giving your driving test, be conscious about the crosswalks, and always be vigilant about the pedestrians crossing the roads because safety first!

One of the most common mistakes happens when the driver turns in a crosswalk with a pedestrian crossing it, no matter if he is at a safe distance. Entering a crosswalk is only acceptable if you see no pedestrian crossing it.

Inappropriate Four-Way Stops and Improper lane Changing

Whenever you are asked to change the lane, do. When you are not asked, don’t until and unless it is necessary for safety reasons. Practice hard and be an expert on changing lanes. Moreover, if you move onto new lanes frequently, it gives the impression of a lack of steering and speed control. Now coming to the intersection, what people do is…move in first, don’t give the signal, or wait in confusion. ALL WRONG!

Always keep in mind that, the one who arrives first has the right to proceed first and if two people arrive at the exact time, the one who is on the right side must move first.

Unaware of The Location-Specific Speed Limits  

Everyone knows the speed limits are subjected to change depending on the area. For instance, school markets, residential areas, freeways or highways, and even construction sites have separate speeding limits. People tend to not focus on the speed, failing to change it as per the limits leading you to a failure.

And, yes, saying that you were not aware of the speed limit won't cut it on your driving licence road test.

One Hand On The Steering Is Cool

No, it is absolutely not!

Regardless of your comfort or driving style, you need to keep your hands, BOTH HANDS on the steering. One hand on steering means you are overconfident with your driving skills and people do it a lot.

Takeaway Tip

Make sure to implement SMOG!

If you don’t know what SMOG is, you have neither practiced nor studied enough. If you remember to use this acronym in your driving test, consider yourself a licence holder. SMOG stands for: 

 ✓ Signal

 ✓ Mirror

 ✓ Over-shoulder

 ✓ Go

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