Top 10 Reasons of The Driving Test Failure

Top 10 Reasons of The Driving Test Failure

Do you know what things make the person fail the test instantly? I bet you know because you must have been studying and practicing a lot, lately. Well, if you have not practiced much, yet, you need to pass the test. Mostly, the person who fails the driving test has shown a lack of keen observation, lack of anticipating the coming situation, and bad judgment or we can say inaccuracy in maneuvers. You need to diligently work on your maneuvering skills, before taking your drive test. One thing is a must and that is “you have strong confidence in your driving skills and thinking abilities”. 

For your convenience, we are highlighting the top 10 reasons for failing the driving test.

One-Hand Steering Control

We know most people have the latest cars that come with a power steering which does not need extra hands or controlling effort, but if you are giving a driving test, you need to show the instructor that you have a strong and stable grip on your steering. Common mistakes are crossing the hands and keeping one hand on the steering. But the key is to keep both hands on the steering, all the time possible, and never take both hands off of the steering.

Always keep the control to show your driving confidence meaning you are under control, but being overconfident won’t cut for the drivers test.

Lack of Observation While Crossing Junctions

The very first thing you need to skill is “quick and strong observation”. If you fail to maintain the safety of yourself or other road users by pulling out the vehicle from junctions with a wrong turn or speed, you are automatically failed. Keeping your car in the wrong position at an unacceptable distance or taking the right turns with the inappropriate cut is a big NO. Standing on or crossing the white line is also a mistake.

Always lookout for the coming traffic especially cyclists, pedestrians, and motorcyclists. Use the mirrors, regularly. Adjust your speed to merge with the flow of the car smoothly at the intersection.

Don’t Know How To Do Parallel or Reverse Parking

People always find parallel parking difficult in driving tests but reverse parking is another tough task. Keep practicing, until and unless you are a pro at parking your car either parallel or reversely. One poor observation and you are done. Assure that the parking place is extremely safe and pretty clear.

Placing Your Car Incorrectly 

Incorrect positioning means direct NO for the license. You need to be in an appropriate place for getting the best view of the road or upcoming traffic and to be seen by other drivers, as well. if you are not in the right position, you might be cutting other’s places or keeping other drivers in danger including pedestrians. Take special notice of your car position while turning right and at the roundabouts. Always stick to your side of the road for safety. And don’t ever park too close to the cyclist or motorcyclist. Keep a close check of your lane.

Moving off Without Safety

If you show that you are not bothered by signals and signs but tend to move at your speed and comfort, you will not pass the test. So, always keep in mind and move off safely. Don’t make others change speed or direction just because you want to be in a specific lane. And, it is only possible in case of using all-three mirrors carefully and checking for the blind spot.

Speeding & Hard Braking 

Driving slow enough that vehicles are passing by? A fail! Driving unduly fast or taking over the vehicles at an unsafe distance? A fail! Braking too hard to give a bouncy stop? A fail!

Speed management is the key to the test. Over-speeding as well as under speeding, both are one of the major driving hazards not only for drivers but also for pedestrians. Before giving your test, you must learn all the speeding limits (area-specific). Go at a safe pace and never cross the speed limit. Except in critical emergencies, you must not use the hard brake.

No Need For a Seatbelt 

The moment you sit in the car, put on your seatbelt. Even, ask your instructor to put safety first. As long as your belt stays fastened, you are doing all good. You need to cement this habit so you could drive safely and pass the driving licence test.

No Response To The Road Signs or Giving No Signals

Whenever you are giving the test, always keep your focus on obeying the road signs. Besides using mirrors, you need to give timely signals before maneuvering. Make it timely, not too late, not too early. And, always cancel the indicator, once you have made the move. Giving no response or wrong response to a traffic signal is a direct driving test failure for even the experienced drivers. No matter what the situation, always follow the traffic signals, especially lights. Understand what the road signs are saying and follow it. 

Go on the green filter, stop at red, and stay behind the white line. Viola!

Not Bothered By The Road Markings

Do you see white lines or yellow lines marked on the road? These are to keep you safe. Meaning? If you need to pass the test, you must know what it means. 

The driver’s credibility will be considered faulty in case you keep on doing things like needlessly crossing the white lines while standing on the signal or fail to follow the arrows on the signboards. These could be the reasons for failing the driver's test.

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