How To Prepare Yourself For Canada Driving Test

How To Prepare Yourself For Canada Driving Test

If you need to drive freely in any of Canada’s thirteen states, you need a license, which gives you the legal right to drive on the Canadian road. To get your valid license, you need to pass a G-class test which can be attained within a 3 years span and remains valid for 5 years. Depending on the territory, there could be slight variations in the test otherwise, the pattern and criteria are almost similar. You would be amazed to know but the driver's license test is completed in three steps or we can say levels. On completing G1 (first level), you will be qualified to apply for a G2 license (level 2). The last level of the graduated driver licensing system that you need to clear is the Full-G license.

Vehicle-Specific License

Do you know, you can also apply for licenses based on the vehicles you need to drive? For instance, if the individual is planning a drive in a car, light truck, or van, you need to pass a Class 5 knowledge test, a Class 5 road test, a Class 7 knowledge test, a G1 test, or a G2 license driving test. Similarly, if you are going to ride a motorbike, you must pass the Class 6 motorcycle knowledge test, a Class 6 road test, an M1 motorcycle knowledge test, an M1 road test, or an M2 license road test. 

Types of Test For Driving License

For novice drivers, there is only a written or knowledge-based and vision test. It can be done online, as well. moving to the next levels, you would be asked to give an on-road drive test which shows how skilled you have become about steering, brake, speed, and gear control.

Driving Knowledge Tests

For the written driver's test, first, look at what province you are in. Second, get the updated, valid, and approved territory-specific driver's handbook. Before buying the book, make sure you have chosen the one with the right vehicle type and license level. This book is the key!

Cannot get it from the driving centers? Find it online.

Before registering yourself for the test, you must read the book in detail, without leaving any page. It will help you understand all the necessary Canadian road signs, traffic rules, driving laws, and signals which you must know to excel in the driving test with good scores. Besides, if you still think, you are not ready after reading the entire book, you are welcomed to enroll in the formal driver education courses that are offered by various centers.

It can go unsaid BUT, remember, every province functions on its specific traffic rules and regulations, so the person must prepare for the driver's license test accordingly, to be able to attempt the questions accurately. So, go get your Ministry of Transportation’s (MTO) Official Driver’s Handbook if you are having your driver's test in the coming days. Here are some more extensive details about the written test.

 ✓ The format of the test is MCQs. You will be provided with 40 MCQs that must be attempted. The questions might have pictures for your better understanding. 

 ✓ If we talk about the sections, it has 2 sections with 20 questions each. 

 ✓ The time for the test is not fixed, which is a plus point. Usually, it will not take more than half an hour.

 ✓ You don’t have to be worried about the language if you can’t understand English. The test is offered in a variety of 20 languages.

 ✓ The criteria for passing the test is a minimum of 80% means you have to correct about 16 questions from each section. 

Eye or Vision Tests

As confusing as it sounds, it is pretty easy. The person has to book an appointment beforehand. If you have vision below 20/50 and less than 120-degree peripheral vision with the corrective lenses, you won’t be getting the license.

Following are the specifications on which the driving license test is based:

 ✓ Read the randomly chosen and placed letters or numerical figures

 ✓ The reading material will be displayed in multiple sizes to test your seeing ability

Peripheral Vision

The peripheral vision will also be checked through different methods. The setting will have a flashing light that will be turned on and off. When you are asked, you need to tell which side has the light on and which side is darker.

On-Road Driving Test

First of all, your drive test vehicle must meet all the safety requirements. Every motor must be completely functioning. The vehicle must not lack in its mechanics. The only thing that makes you pass the test is practice. Have to try drives as many times as possible before attempting the final test. The two kinds of driving tests need to be carried out for G2 and full G license. Being a foreign driver, you need to pass at least one on-road drive test from your native country. Looking for license renewal in old age (80 or older)? The individual needs to give a driving exam, again.

Pro tip? Always reach your driving center at least half an hour before.

The full-G licence driving test is about 30 minutes long, whereas the G2 test is of 20 minutes at the best. But if you are a novice driver, try giving a G2 drive test a minimum of 8-12 months before attempting the G road test. G-test takes you on the freeways, 400 highways, various expressways, etc. On the contrary, the G2 exam is performed solely on usual street roads. For the G2 drive exam, you will be judged on the following driving acts:

 ✓ Starting, stopping, and turning the vehicle

 ✓ Following road signs, traffic laws, and rules strictly

 ✓ Overtaking the passing vehicles or driving in passing lanes

 ✓ Driving through all types of 4-way stops

 ✓ Smoother reverse, and parallel parking

 ✓ 3-point turns, and U-turns

Can a Driver Apply For a Retake?

Yes, luckily you can! Upon failing your Canada driving test of G1 level, you can process your papers instantly. In case of failing G2, you will be asked to wait for almost 10 days before enrolling again.

What Type Of Restrictions Are Applied To The G1 license?

 ✓ No alcohol consumption and the blood alcohol level must be zero, all the time

 ✓ Should drive under the supervision of another licensed driver

 ✓ Always wearing seat belts, all the passengers 

 ✓ Is not allowed to take a drive on the high-speed expressways or 400 highways or the

 ✓ No midnight driving (12:00 AM to 5:00 PM)

 ✓ Should be older than 16 years of age

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