How Much G1, G2 and G Test Costs in Canada?

If you want to drive the car anywhere in Canada, one thing you need is a valid driving license that must be issued by Canadian government officials. Having a license means you are now legally permitted to drive on Canadian roads, as long as you follow the traffic laws and road rules. Well, no matter what vehicle you want to drive, road users are obliged to gain a G-class license.

G-class license

G-class licenses are categorized into three sections. Consider these as level ups. It means, being a learner, you would be holding a G1 license which is the first step and comes with plenty of restrictions. For instance, the person won’t be allowed to drive alone, not even in an emergency. Always drive under the supervision of an experienced driver. Once 12 months are completed, now is the time to upgrade the license to G2, the second level that imposes much lesser restrictions on a driver. Last or can say the top-grade license is a G-full license, which you will be getting after the total time of 2 years (1 year after G2, you can apply for the full license grant). Congratulations, now you have become a fully licensed driver!

Costs of G-class driver’s license

Depending on the state and center, the exact payment for the license is different. Moreover, with each rank of the license graduated program, the amount is increased. Means, pay more to get a full-grade license.

How much you need to pay for a G1 license

The amount that you will be paying in Canada to get your G1 license is around $158.25. You might find a G1 test cost expensive but remember, it lasts for 5 years. This amount is for the license itself covering the knowledge test cost, and a Class G2 road test. You can clear your payments while registering your name for the driving test. In case you have failed the test, you need to pay extra charges. Coming to its written or knowledge test, you need to purchase a Handbook for $16 approx. For a driving test, add up to $15.75 to the total. So, the total sum of the G1 test price lies somewhere between $180-$190, if you pass successfully. Unfortunately, if you fail, there is an additional fee of $15.75 for re-tests.

Do you think you need to enroll yourself in the driver education program? If, yes, then you need to pay separately for it that could be within the range of $200-$800. 

How much you need to pay for a G2 license

As you have already paid for its driving test earlier, now all you need to pay is the licensing fee of $90 after attaining your G2 license. The G2 license also works for a maximum of 5 years. Unluckily, if you fail in the driving test, don’t worry you can give a retake but it will now cost you higher, up to $52.50. Summing up all the expenses, the total G2 test cost is near $90 to $144.50.

Cost of a G license

Finally, if you have reached the last step to get the full G-license, you would be paying around $89.25. Like we said, the price increases with the test level. 

Do you have any idea how much in total for G1 and G2 you’ll have paid till now? $280 is your answer. And on adding all the mandatory costs and fees of G1, G2, and G licenses, you’ll end up disbursing a sum of $369.25. 

The Ontario driver's license cost is around $369.25 which is only for tests, excluding driving courses and any additional fees for re-tests. However, many other acts need additional costs to be paid, such as study guides, additional tests, re-tests (if any), and driver education courses (if enrolled).

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