Best Time Slots To Increase The Chance of Passing Driving Test

If you have heard that timing and days can affect your driving test, then you have heard it right. As per global surveys, it is concluded that the time of day can play an important role in either increasing or decreasing the probability of you passing the test.

Regardless of the state and country, every second count when you are taking a driving test.

Some people say that the only thing that will take you to the test of success is your driving skills and ability to handle situations under pressure and this is 100% true. BUT, in driving tests, your nerves are an important controlling factor and that’s why picking an accurate time slot for your test is quite significant. So, we can say while choosing a time for a test, calculate all the factors that could affect such as traffic, rush hours, routes, car’s condition, job timings, state’s driving rules. Drivers' license test timing greatly depends on the state’s driving test Centre, as well. For instance, most of the driving centers in Canada only take driving tests during daylight hours.

Let’s see how different hours in cities impact the driver's test and what could be the best driving test times to get it done.

Morning or Early Hours

Well, if you have planned your test for 8 AM, we can say it is a pretty sensible choice. 

On one hand, the chances of passing the driving test are high because you will be awake with a fresher mind and will be comparatively more alert, which lets you handle the confusing situation better without getting nervous. 

On the other hand, this could be the wrong pick. Why? Because it could be the heavy traffic hours and you are probably going to encounter some hysteric driver in a hurry or parents on the school run.

Rush or Heavy Traffic Hours

Rush hours majorly depend on your state but usually, these are either the late mornings or evenings. Giving your test in heavy traffic might be your loss, because who will be willing to drive in rush hours, stuck in the traffic jam, waiting in the long lines, and, oh, the awful waiting time!

Never pick late evening if you don’t want to face the road rage of the drivers. The driving test must be taken on free roads having minimal traffic and in a stress-free environment letting the examiner see you taking over a broader amount of road types. The only advantage of giving the test in the rush hour is that you will be able to showcase your outstanding clutch control IF you are an experienced driver.

Late Afternoon Hours

In such timings, you will face neither unnecessary heavy traffic on the roads, nor weather issues, especially in Canada where ice is the major problem. Later in the afternoon, roads are expected to be less icy.

Sunday Hours

Do you live in an area where Sundays are quiet? Then, this can be the best time. Standardly, as per the Canadian surveys, between 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM on Sundays, chances of passing the test are found higher. At this time and day, the roads tend to be free with fewer people traveling.

Evening Hours

As we have mentioned that the late evenings can be a big problem, but giving tests early in the evening somewhere between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM will give you an opportunity to pass the test efficiently, due to the quieter roads after heavy traffic hours have passed.

Surprisingly, the nighttime helps a beginner as all the cars flashing their headlights work as additional warnings letting you understand the road and drive better.

Best Time To Book A Driving Test

If we talk about the exact hours, the priority should be 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. Coming to the second-best option, 9:00 AM – 11:00 AM works better, especially for the early morning birds. In the afternoon, 3:00 PM is a good selection. Well, 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM is also the most recommended time, but firstly, it is an evening that might bug you, secondly most of the driving centers are closed at that time and lastly, test rates are overpriced.

Do you want to know what is statistically the worst time slot to give a test? Between 11:00 AM and 1:00 PM, particularly the late morning and lunchtimes. Besides. 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM is also not recommendable.

Tips On How To Pass The Drivers Test

Besides choosing a time that is totally dependent on your luck, what will really lead you is your effort and hard work, diligence, and practice. Here are some takeaway driving test tips for passing it smoothly.

✓ Practice carefully and as many times as you can, to understand the road before hitting it

✓ Make your vehicle ready firsthand by checking tire pressure, brakes, fuel, and indicators specifically

✓ Try practicing the parallel parking

✓ Devise the techniques that will make you stay calm on the road

✓ Avoid all possible distractions

✓ Always trust your decision-making and look confident behind the wheel

✓ Change lanes only when necessary and extremely safe

✓ Should not be saying but always look out for the signals and obey all the traffic signs

✓ Hear your examiner’s guidelines cautiously

✓ Watch for your proper hand placement and the use of hand signals

✓ Always, wear the seatbelt, as soon as you sit in the driving seat

✓ Try driving at the same speed as maintaining a constant speed is important while driving to ensure that you are not nervous and know how to keep the speed under check

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