All You Need To Know About G1 Test in Canada

All You Need To Know About G1 Test in Canada

If you are living in Canada, you need to drive to reach places. So, the first thing you need is a valid and legal driving license issued by the Canadian government. To get the license, you have to pass the test called G-test. Two things will decide the type of test you will be giving. First, the license type/level you need, and second the current driving status. 

G Driving Test

It is a major requirement which you need to fulfill in order to drive legally on Canadian roads. It comes in three phases which are featured with different sorts of driving tests and prices.

 ✓ Basic level - G1 which is only a knowledge and vision test 

 ✓ Level 2 - G2 which includes the driving test

 ✓ Level 3 - Full G license 

You will be able to get your full license within 3 years and each license stays valid for 5 years. Every license has its restrictions but G1 has more driving limitations in comparison to the full-G.

G1 Test

Starting with the G1, level one is only a learning phase where you wait for 1year after getting your G1 license to apply for G2. In that period, you would learn how to drive cars, vans, and small trucks, but you would not be allowed to drive solely. You will always be needing an instructor or experienced driver with you to keep a check for safety. To take the written G1 practice test, you don’t have to book an appointment.

If you are intended to apply for the G1 test, first you must be 16 years, otherwise, you would not be allowed to give any test. It is illegal to drive under 16 years of age in Canada. And secondly, do not forget to get your verified identity documents that support your claim of legality. You must have the following documents with you when you are arriving the driving test center

 ✓ Updated and legal passport

 ✓ Canadian citizenship card

 ✓ Permanent resident card

 ✓ Landing proof

 ✓ Residency evidence

 ✓ Legal immigration papers

Test Segments 

All driving centers will ask you to complete and pass two different tests in the G1 driving test to get hands-on your license. By giving the test, the qualified examiners will be able to judge your observation skills. It means, the test will either support your claim that you understand the driving rules and road signs, traffic laws, and regulations enough to start learning to drive OR it will reject you based on a lack of knowledge, confidence, and understanding of the Canadian driving rules. If you have any writing or reading problems you are allowed to request an audio or verbal test as an alternative. Following are the test segments you need to complete in the G1 test.

Written Or Knowledge Test

It is of a total of 40 MCQs-based test that has further two parts. The first 20 questions are based on the road sign, traffic signals, and lights information. If you want to pass the test, you must understand a minimum of 70 traffic signals and lights. The remaining 20 questions are of road rules. A bit tough because more than 90 common rules of the road you must learn before attempting it. One of the most frequently asked questions is, does the test come with pictures? Yes, it does. How can you answer the question regarding road signs without seeing them?! In the test, there would be pictures depicting a particular driving situation.

In order to pass the knowledge test, the individual should attempt a minimum of 16 questions correctly from each section making it a total 80% score. Pretty satisfactory! 

Eyesight Or Vision Test

Now comes the 2nd part, which is the eye test, to check your vision whether you will be able to see from a distance or not. It is pretty simple to attempt as you will be instructed in detail. 

You will be handed over the pair of binoculars and you will be asked to read from the posted group of random numbers presented in 3 various positions.

The light will be switched off from the right or the left, a couple of times. All you need to do is to point out which side is darker and which side has the light still on. It will check your peripheral vision.

Retaking The G1 Test

Don’t worry, you are allowed to retake the test if you are unlucky to fail it on a first try. The surprising thing is, the previous test results stay admissible for a year. If the driver gives the retake within one 1year, he or she has to attempt the questions only that he or she has left or failed in. depending on MTO standards which is an official handbook for drivers.

Test Time

Everyone has this question, how long the G1 test lasts? You don’t have to worry and there is no need to rush because this exam comes with no fixed time. Typically, all it takes is a maximum of half an hour. 

Can I Take My G1 Test Online?

The answer is luckily Yes! As it is only a knowledge test, you can complete it online in case of major concerns. In Canada, almost every center offers the facility of attempting online tests. We advise you to confirm beforehand.

How Much Does It Lost?

The usual package costs around $158.25. It covers the expenses of a written G1 test, future G2 road test, and a 5-year valid license. The fee can be cleared at the moment of registration. Well, if you have failed the test and need to re-attempt, you have to pay separately for it, and it costs around $15.75.

Restrictions While Driving On a G1 License 

 ✓ Not allowed driving alone

 ✓ Blood alcohol level must be ZERO (0%)

 ✓ No cannabis use 

 ✓ Must wear seat belts including passengers

 ✓ Not allowed driving from 12:00 AM to 5:00 AM.

 ✓ Cannot drive on the 400-series highways or expressways

 ✓ Can only use G class vehicles such as cars, vans, small trucks

Expiry Date

Beginners or learners are not allowed to register for a G1 road test after the expiry date has passed. It expires after a year (12 months). Unfortunately, the G1 test doesn’t come with the offer of any renewal or extension.

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