G1 Test Canada - Study faster with NWT learner’s practice test 2024
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  • Study faster with NWT learner’s practice test 2024
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Driving Test Canada - Study faster with NWT learner’s practice test 2024

Get ready to ace your NWT driving test

It’s an exciting time to get an NWT driver’s licence, and we’re here to help you do just that. Like most provinces and territories, NWT also has a Graduated Driver Licensing Program. Stage 1 is the learner class 7, for which you need to be at least 15 years to start. Next is stage 2, the probationary Class 5P, which you’ll need to spend a minimum of 12 months at this stage. Finally, on completing Class 5P, you can apply to move up to a Full Class 5 licence.

You must pass the NT written driving test to get your learner’s licence.

To prepare for the test, you can use the various NWT driver manuals from the Compliance and Licensing Division. One of the driver manuals is the Basic Handbook. It outlines the traffic controls, vehicle operations, road rules, and responsible driver requirements that comprise the driver test.

Practice Test Canada then gives you the online practice test tools and resources to help you prepare for the test. We provide Class 7 practice test questions and answers to help you get ready to pass the NWT driving test.

Pass Your G1 with Practice Test Canada

How It Works

Let’s Get You Ready to become a safe driver in NWT

Get the Driver’s Handbook

The Northwest Territories basic handbook provides a complete overview of the NWT road rules, NT traffic signs, and safe driving practices that will be tested.

Get Practising Online

Our online practice tests help you move faster through the material and retain and apply the information so you pass the NWT driving test on your first try.

Get Ready for the Final Test

Once you put in the work and practice sessions with our NWT driver test questions and answers and our mock exams, you’ll be ready to take on the real test.

How Practice Test Canada can help you prepare to pass the NWT driving test

We make passing the NWT driving test easier than expected. Using practice tests often results in higher pass rates, and with our additional resources, you’re sure to increase your chances of passing the NT driving test.

Multiple practice tests and hundreds of test questions and answers in a similar format to the real test

Detailed explanations for each test question so you learn faster and retain more of the information

Designed to be fun and engaging so you can get ready faster for your official test

Acing the Northwest Territories driving test starts with Practice Test Canada

Let’s get you on the road to becoming a safe driver who knows and understands the road rules and regulations by passing your Class 7 learners permit test.

Faster test preparation

With free NWT practice tests that are just like the real thing and no registration required, you can start practising for your NWT drivers licence right now.

Monitor your test progress

Work through our database of test questions and track your progress from your dashboard and challenge bank.

Start Your Free 2024 NWT Driving Practice Tests Today

Want to drive in NWT? Let us help you past the first stage by getting you prepared to pass the NWT drivers test. Our NT learners test practice will have you ready for the first (Class 7) and the second (Class 5) phases of the GDL in no time.