Nunavut - Car Driving Test

Nunavut - Car Driving Test

You have 60 minutes to answer 40 multiple choice questions from the latest 2024 question bank.
At least 32 out of 40 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the test.

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40 questions

Driving Signs

Warning signs 43 question(s)
Warning signs
Regulatory signs 39 question(s)
Regulatory signs
Temporary condition signs 14 question(s)
Temporary condition signs
Information and direction signs 14 question(s)
Information and direction signs
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) signs 2 question(s)
High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) signs
Other signs 2 question(s)
Other signs
Emergency response signs 1 question(s)
Emergency response signs
Bilingual signs 1 question(s)
Bilingual signs
Long Commercial Vehicle 1 question(s)
Long Commercial Vehicle

Driving Rules

Test 1 15 question(s)
Test 1
Test 2 15 question(s)
Test 2
Test 3 15 question(s)
Test 3
Test 4 15 question(s)
Test 4