Alberta - Car Driving Test

Alberta - Car Driving Test

You have 60 minutes to answer 30 multiple choice questions from the latest 2024 question bank.
At least 25 out of 30 questions must be answered correctly in order to pass the test.

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Practice By Topic

Traffic Signs 161 question(s)
Traffic Signs
Emergency & Challenging Situations 94 question(s)
Emergency & Challenging Situations
Sharing the Road 91 question(s)
Sharing the Road
The Basics Of Driving 90 question(s)
The Basics Of Driving
Driving Within the Law 80 question(s)
Driving Within the Law
Intersections and Turns 77 question(s)
Intersections and Turns
Responsible Driving 76 question(s)
Responsible Driving
Highways and Freeways 56 question(s)
Highways and Freeways
Driver License 15 question(s)
Driver License
Towing a Trailer 13 question(s)
Towing a Trailer