10 Ways To Avoid Getting Distracted During Driving

10 Ways To Avoid Getting Distracted During Driving

As per the surveys, using a smartphone to call or message is one of the top driving safety issues. Well, truly speaking, distracted driving is not all about using the phone. You can get distracted during driving by a wide range of factors increasing the chances of a vehicle collision or road accidents by three times.

The driver can get disturbed by the visual and auditory distractions. For instance, if you start looking somewhere (else) than the road or keep on listening to songs, and talking with passengers. Another reason can be manual considering the use of hands to multitask instead of focusing on steering. Cognitive distractions are the worst. Driving is surely not the time to stress over your financial and employment issues or to plan your life strategies.

Some of the common distractions with the easiest tips that can help you keep your distractions under check are highlighted in the blog.

No Use Of Any Electronic Device

We understand that vehicles are now mechanically advanced with automatic functions that make you feel that the use of electronic devices will not make the drive harder or create a threat to other road users but that is just a misconception. Taking a single call or sending a single message can be a major distraction causing driving hazards. Whenever you are sitting behind the wheel, do not multitask. Focus on only one task and that is DRIVING. Avoid messaging, video calls, audio calls, and particularly social media posting. These activities can wait.

If you are thinking hands-free talking is safe, you are wrong.  The safe practice is to either switch off your cell or pull over the vehicle when you are talking on a call. These acts can also be attention diverting so how about you use your phone only in an emergency.

Music, Car Settings, And Gossips

The worst of the distractions, indeed. Listening to songs is as distracting as gossiping with the passengers. Talking while driving will divide your attention.

Do you need to set the volume of the music or want to change the AC /heater temperature? You should not. Keep the focus on the road. Nothing else matters more than making sure you are safe and others, as well. It might sound like insignificant acts, but they can make you take your eyes off the road. Anything that divides your attention is a safety issue.

Do Not Take Pets

The better option is to leave the pets in the house or somewhere safe instead of taking them along on a ride, especially if you are alone. Well, if you cannot leave the pet behind, secure it in the backseat before hitting the road so you won’t have to check again and again.

Four paws furry friends roaming inside the car? Not even an option. It might block the view, make you take a hard brake, or steer in the wrong direction. Keep your pet restrained, safely.

Do Not Go Empty Stomach

It might sound funny but eating before you go on a drive should be on your list. First, if you are hungry you will be more focused on thinking about your food, and second, if you are trying to eat with one hand while having steering control in the other…neither convenient nor safe.

How can you keep your concentration on the traffic if you are busy managing your coffee?! Either you will spill it all over or drive frantically. Eating and drinking while driving seems like a time-saving task but these are big distractions.

GPS Is Not A Healthy Habit

We are highly reliant on technology to complete our day-to-day tasks. Similarly, the use of GPS is an absolute comfort but the fact is that it is one of the significant distractions. A GPS route will lead you to the right roadway, for sure, but keeping an eye on the GPS screen and road at a time doesn’t sound a good choice. It will simply take your attention away from the road.

The solution? Place your device where you can access the information easily. Besides, turn up the volume and follow the directions being said.

Do Not Try To Pick Things You Have Dropped

If you have dropped anything (purse, cell, money, cards) or see something on the car floor, do not reach out. The safe way is to leave it right there. Be patient and act smart.

Too important thing to get? First look for a safe spot, pull over, pick and continue the journey.

No Grooming On The Road

As simple as it sounds, always gets ready before you leave the house. Take your time to do makeup or for a hairdo but do not take the risk you will regret later.

Fixing hair with one hand while steering with the other? A big no!

To maximize the comfort of driving, you can tie your hair, adjust your clothing or take off the tight-fitting jacket but do it before putting your hands on the steering.

Eyes Straight On The Path

Have you ever been distracted by the impressive buildings, magnificent LCDs, or huge promotional billboards? It is pretty common. In reality, drivers must keep their eyes right on the road and road ONLY!

The best driving practice is to move your eyes after every 2 seconds for scanning the road and look through all the 4 mirrors after every 5-8 seconds.

Sketch The Path Beforehand

Looking on a GPS to choose the right path or looking sideways to understand the location yourself? Total distraction. Even if you are unfamiliar with the road, you are advised to move away from the road or slow the speed before checking the map. The sensible driver will always check the route in advance to avoid distractions while driving.

Make No Adjustments On The Road

By adjustments, we mean seat position, mirrors, seat belt, and other instrumentation. Before you put the key to ignition, make sure your mirrors, steering, and seats are adjusted to your ease.

Want to listen to the radio? Ask the passenger to set it up or turn it on yourself before hitting the road.

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